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Society Street 2020

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Feedback from Society Street 2020 attendees: Brilliant questions in Society Street 2020 chat. I think if we learned one thing today, it’s that it’s entirely possible to hold an interactive, valuable online meeting that appeals to a wide audience.”

I learned a lot, both from the sessions and from the way that you executed the online format. We made the final decision on Friday to cancel our in-person meeting (scheduled to take place end of June) and replace with a pared-down, online version. It will be helpful to have Society Street as an example of how this can be done well.”

Society Street 2019

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Feedback from Society Street 2019 attendees: “I love the intimate nature of the meeting. The speakers were open and frank.” 

“Very valuable to spend time out of the office to think about the bigger picture.”

“Found it highly focussed and very well organised. Some very interesting topics – a worthwhile meeting.”

Society Street 2018

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Feedback from Society Street 2018 attendees: “Talks were excellent, and networking with others was invaluable.”

“[I valued] seeing the whole picture, and not just one part or aspect, which other conferences seem to focus on.”