Session 4: Practical Future-Proofing

13:45 - 15:00

TRACK 1: Technology: what's coming?   TRACK 2: The Future of Publishing
  • Building communities with an online forum
    Jenefer Thoroughgood
    , Advisor, Zapnito & Managing Director, Thoroughly Good Consulting 
  • FEBS Case Study
    Violeta Ribarska, Publisher for the FEBS Press portfolio at Wiley 
  • AI for societies
    Joris Roulleau, Publishing
    Consultant, 67 Bricks
  • Blockchain
    Ian Mulvany, Head of
    Transformation, Product Innovation, SAGE Publishing
  • Subscriptions and OA landscape review
    Sam Burrell, Consultant, Renew
  • A Commercial Publisher’s View
    Neil Appleton, Senior Vice President
    of Business Development, Elsevier
  • A Society Publisher’s View
Technology Discussion   Publishing Discussion